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  • Franchising Agreements

    Our goal is to make the entire franchising process as seamless, transparent, fair, and easy as possiblee - we will help you review, understand, and negotiate your Franchise Disclosure Document.

    It is important to remember that as a franchisee, you and your business will have to strictly adhere to the Franchise Disclosure Document and your use of the franchisor’s business name, logos, business hours, paper goods, signage, and business hours. We have counseled our Clients in the early stages of franchise, but also in the years after becoming a franchisee, and this shapes our experience, and how we counsel our Clients.

    The deck is stacked in favor of the franchisor. Upon review of the Franchise Disclosure Document, and finding it too onerous, some of our Clients have used our Firm for guidance and gone on to start similar and very successful businesses outside of the franchise realm.

    The Fernandez Law Firm, P.C. has represented our Clients in the purchase and operation of many types of franchises, including oil change, doughnut shops, coffee shops, gas stations, transmission shops, food service, and employment agencies. We have been counsel to franchisors, franchisees, and a company which sold franchises, so we have seen both sides of the business, both franchisee and franchisor.

The Fernandez Law Firm

We have represented many potential and existing franchisees in their businesses. We will help you review, understand, and negotiate the Franchise Disclosure Document (the FDD), counsel you through the business formation, and consult on your real estate matters, financing, employment matters, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax, pertinent regulations, and relevant business issues.